Philippine and U.S. Broadsheets on Macrostructural Linearity, and Microstructural Hypercorrection and Demise of Whom

This paper is a qualitative descriptive research carried out via the analysis of editorials of two broadsheets: The New York Times (NYT) and the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) where the two domains of analysis were done—the macrostructure and the microstructure levels. The macrostructure was anchored upon the structure or model utilized by Katajamaki and Koskela (2006) and described by Van Dijk where the three main sections of the editorials—introduction section, intermediate section and the coda—were dissected. The editorial articles were found to be adherent to the structure as described by Van Dijk. For the microstructure level, the hypercorrection and the supposed “demise” of the relative pronoun “whom” was looked into. This paper claims that no hypercorrection was evident in the tokens analyzed through AntConc 3.5.8 (Windows) 2019 in either of the broadsheets. The demise of “whom,” where “who” was used in the rightful place of “whom” figured twice in the PDI editorials but never did in any of the editorials in NYT. Along the preceding findings, the researchers were led to deduce that the editorials from NYT were deemed more adherent to prescriptivism than the PDI editorials. This current paper avers that for the teaching of the prescriptive rule relative to the use of “whom” or the relative pronouns more generally, the NYT and PDI editorials can be utilized but with caution in the use of the PDI in that two tokens in the analysis were found to be aberrant.

  • Melophyl C. Baguio & Abee M. Eijansantos

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