Mission and Scope


The Mission

Ciencia – Humanities, Education, Arts, Languages, Social Sciences [pISSN (27042758), eISSN (27042766] publishes quarterly in the months of March, June, September, and December. In addition, the Journal publishes a research article on continuous basis which means that as soon as an article is accepted and format-ready it is entered into an issue to make the article available for access and its content available online without delay. Moreover, the Journal employs a double-blind review process. It aims to publish high quality, original researches (conceptual and empirical) across broad fields of Humanities, Educations, Arts, Languages and Social Sciences.



Submissions in the following areas are encouraged :

Psycholinguistics, Bilingualism, Sociolinguistics, Language and Gender

Second Language Acquisition, Language and Pedagogy, ESL Writing and Speaking

Austronesian Linguistics, World Englishes, Corpus Linguistics, Discourse Analysis

Language in Education, Language Policy and Planning, Teaching and Learning

Mathematics Education, Assessment of Learning, Testing and Evaluation, Educational Evaluation

Sports Science Education, Physical Culture, Sports and Physical Education, Management and Marketing in Sports

Teaching Methods, Blended Learning, Information Technology, E-learning

Biology Education, Science Education

Educational Management, Educational Planning, Educational Leadership, Education Management, Educational Administration and Supervision, Teacher Education

Psychology, Psychological Methods, Social Psychology, Educational Psychology

Articles from related areas are also accepted.