When an article is received via online submission or through the journal’s official electronic mail (, an acknowledgement notice would be sent to the Corresponding Author.

The Editor-in-chief (EiC) would subject the submission to a similarity test via Turnitin. If the paper is found in order, the EiC and Managing Editor (ME) appraise the worthiness and merit of the submission.

If the paper is found to meet the standards set by Ciencia, the paper would then at this stage be assigned with a code. This development would be communicated to the author of the article. However, if the paper failed the initial screening conducted by the EiC and ME, the author would be communicated about the said decision.

Articles that made it through the initial screening would then be assigned to appropriate Associate Editors (AEs) as review assignment. The AEs would be given a time frame to review the paper. The AEs would evaluate and comment , and explicitly identify whether the paper is accepted without revision, accepted with minor revisions, accepted with major revisions, or rejected.

The EiC would collect and consider the evaluation of the AEs and would give , with finality, the decision on the submitted article. Should any of the Associate Editors fail to submit a review on time, the EiC would make decisions based on available evaluations received on time. The comments of the AEs would be communicated to the CA and a reasonable time frame for the revision is determined.

The author and AEs would received the comments of the paper in summarized form and the decision made by the EiC on the article through an official correspondence via email.

When an author submits the revised version of the review article, the EiC would communicate with the AEs assigned to review the paper and solicit confirmation whether the author complied with the comments and suggestions given, and whether the revisions made is satisfactory.

When the article is deemed to be in order, it would be submitted for proofreading and lay out prior to its uploading in the website.


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