Publication Authorship Order

Ciencia acknowledges that though there are research endeavors solely conceived and developed, there are those that are product of collaborations hence of multi-author. Thus, it is important to note the following in determining order of presentation of authors in the billing.

The first author is acknowledged and considered, in most cases, the researcher with the greatest significant intellectual share to the research work. He or she plays an essential role in the development phases  of the study which include , but not limited to, designing the study, collection of data, analysis and interpretation of result , and writing of the manuscript.

Moreover, it is noted that there is indeed no objective means of assessing contributions of co-authors. For this reason, Ciencia does not provide means for the explicit report of the contributions of authors although this is practiced in some journals.

Further, the order of the authors shall be primarily determined by the first author and agreed upon by the members of the research team.

The order of authors in a submission must be ascertained. Any changes with regard it would necessitate submission of an explanation provided through a formal letter addressed to the Editor-in-Chief of the journal. Afterwards, the EIC would determine the merit and shall judge accordingly.