Ethical Responsibilities

Ciencia fully adheres to the highest ethical standards during the review and publication of the research manuscripts in order to maintain and to uphold the integrity of the scientific investigation. Authors must avoid misrepresentation in reporting scientific data which could tarnish the credibility, professionalism and the academic scholarship of the journal. The highest integrity is achieved if the following rules are applied as noteworthy scientific practice:

  • manuscript must not be submitted to other journal while it is under review by this journal;
  • paper must be original and has not been published previously elsewhere in any language (completely or partially) except when the current project is a continuation of the earlier research investigation;
  • breaking a single study into a multiple sliced article and submitted to several journals or to one journal is not allowed;
  • at times, secondary publication is acceptable provided some conditions are followed (i.e. translated studies to fit a certain context);
  • data manipulation must be avoided at all times. The result must be reported clearly and honestly. Do not fabricate data (including image-editing) and claim them originally your own;
  • plagiarism in the form of data, text or theory copy-pasting is absolutely not allowed in this journal. In submitting your paper, you allow the reviewer to run a comparability test of your manuscript with other sources in the internet using a plagiarism software (e.g. Turn-In-In software). Hence, paraphrasing and summarizing the ideas taken from the sources should be done properly following the APA7 rules for in -text citation and refencing to ensure that the work is flawless.

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